Jennifer McKenzie is the founder of ENCOURAGE.  ENCOURAGE specializes in motivating men and women to go after the desires of their hearts.  We use vision board parties and short term/long term detailed personable goal setting sessions to make this possible.   ENCOURAGE comes from the belief that we put “courage” into one another. Without people supporting you, how can you be encouraged? As the founder of ENCOURAGE, I wanted to develop a business where I can see the process and outcome of my client’s visions, goals, and passions come to life. As a Nurse Practitioner in a hospital based medicine practice, I’ve always desired to follow through with my patients, but with the type of practice i'm in, I only see them for one day.  So I always have this thought of “I wonder how they are doing?” I’m always wanting to help my patients more, but I am so limited in my practice.  So with ENCOURAGE, I will be able to help people on a longer basis.


To provide an inspiring opportunity for men and women to go after the desires of their hearts. 



  • To motivate, promote, and inspire men and women to go after their goals

  • To help men and women narrow down their desires and goals and make them realistic

  • To assist men and women in making the vison for their life become a reality

  • To assist men and women in developing short term or long term goals

"I want to thank ENCOURAGE for their professional work. With all honesty I tried to write down my goals and plan of action and I could not do it by myself. When another person listens it is easier to come up with reasonable goals and plans in order to achieve what you need. Jennifer was able to sift through my many ideas, desires, expectations and skills and come up with a doable plan that was the reflection of my priorities in this phase of my life."
"I want to thank ENCOURAGE for their great work with helping me set some personal goals. I definitely would recommend ENCOURAGE if you need some assistance with goal-setting!!
"I was more comfortable setting goals after my session thanks for the encouragement!"
"My overall experience with Encourage was positive and professional. Encourage helped me to understand the art of goal setting. By showing me how to break down larger goals into smaller more manageable tasks. Learning this new skill has allowed me to accomplish my goals without becoming overwhelmed. I am very appreciative of the support, and new skills that Encourage has provided to assist me with accomplishing my goals."
-Exploring the Desires of Your Heart-