Q How do I set goals?

A:Set up an appointment with ENCOURAGE, and let us assist you with goal-setting. We will assist you in setting detailed-realistic short and long term goals.

Q: What is a vision board?

A: Vision boards are designed on a large poster board, covered with images that relate to what your vision is for your life. Vision boards are a visual representation of what you envision for your life.

Q: Who should come to a vision board party?

A: Anyone who wants to make their vision for their life a reality.

Q: What is the cancellation policy on vision board event registration?

A: You may cancel up to 3 days before the scheduled event in order to receive a refund. If you cancel within 2 days or less before the scheduled event a partial refund of 75% will be refunded.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have to confirm the venue and other necessities in order to make this a great experience for everyone participating.


Q: What is the Inclement weather policy on vision boards events?

A: Should inclement weather arise that would result in the postponement of the event, registrants will have the option to either transfer registration to the next scheduled event at a future date (which is encouraged) or receive a full refund.  If the event is cancelled it will be posted on the ENCOURAGE website and on its social media pages.  If ENCOURAGE cancels or reschedules the event for other reasons outside of inclement weather, the registrants will be offered a full refund. 

Q: What is the return policy on clothing and merchandise?

A: Clothing and merchandise can be returned within 30 days of making the purchase.