ENCOURAGE offers goal-setting sessions to help your visions become a reality. These sessions are one on one and normally last 1 hour.   

Who should come?

Anyone who wants to set realistic goals for their lives.

Anyone wanting to transform their desires, passions, and dreams into a reality.

To sign up for your Goal-Setting Session, please contact us at 816-668-5076 or via email at encourage374@gmail.com.  We are looking forward to meeting with you!






ENCOURAGE wants to help you transform fear, doubt and indecision into a realistic plan with specific goals!

Please call  or email to make appointments for personal one on one goal-setting sessions.  Each one hour session will be $50. Payments accepted include: cash, paypal, credit and debit cards. Payment will be due at the time of service . Please note there is a processing fee that will be applied when using credit/debit cards.


-Helping you achieve your goals through a goal-oriented mindset-