• Vision boards are normally created on a large poster board, covered with images that relate to your desires and passions in your life. 

  • Vision boards are a graphic representation of what you envision for your life.

  • Vision boards allow you to define, clarify your aspirations, reinforce them and keep your intentions focused. 

  • Vision boards also serve as a constant daily reminder about your goals for yourself, and are an excellent way to visualize your life, goals, and dreams.


ENCOURAGE offers a Huge Vision Board Party Event annually in the Kansas City Metro area. In 2020 the event took place on Saturday February 8,2020. Please continue to check back for future events.  Our vision board parties allow men and women to develop a vision board that serves as a constant daily reminder about their desires and passions for their lives. In addition to our annual Vision Board Party Event, we are now offering private vision board parties in the comfort of your own home. The cost is $30 per person with a minimum of 3 people. But we encourage more than 3 to make it more exciting and fun! The host is free! All supplies and refreshments will be supplied. I will serve as a guide/facilitator as you and your guest work on your boards. Parties last 3 hours. Contact us for more details.

Who should come?

       -Anyone interested in creating a vision for their life.

Why vision boards?

       -Vision boards allow you to focus on your desires, passions and visions for you life..  Vision boards also provide a constant reminder of your goals for your life. 

Why create a vision board with a group vs individually?

    -ENCOURAGE comes from the belief that we put “courage” into one another  Without people supporting you, how can you be encouraged? So creating a vision board in a community setting allows you to interact with others who also want to create a vision for their lives.

Why should you create short and long term goals? And how can you start the process of creating goals?

   -Creating goals allows you to take the vision from your vision board and make it realistic. By creating realistic short term and long term goals it allows you to focus more clearly and in time allows you to see the things on your vision board come to life. We offer one on one goal setting sessions. Please visit the tab on this website titled "Goal Setting Sessions" for more details. Also you may contact us for more details at 816-668-5076 or via email at

-Almost everyone deep down wants to walk in their purpose-

Please note:

At this time, please call or email to make appointments for personal one on one goal-setting sessions. Payments accepted include: cash, paypal, credit and debit cards. Please note there is a processing fee that will be applied when using credit/debit cards. Payment will be due at the time of service.


Contact us at 816-668-5076 or via email at

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